Our campaign to transform UK Kitchen Design


#designthenation is our march to help UK homeowners transform their Home and their Lives. Adding a custom luxury Rempp kitchen to your home will bring both glamour and function you never dreamed of.

Alongside the other companies in our group, we continue to #designthenation both indoors and out.


Woodscape has specialised in the design and manufacture of innovative hardwood street furniture for 40 years. Our installations add a touch of design and glamour to public spaces across the country.


SlateScape specialise in the import and distribution of premium quality slate products. Sourced directly from leading producers around the world, our quality flooring and roofing products are from reliable and ethical sources. The choice of established experts in their field, our slates can be seen on builds across the UK landscape.


truKitchen provide luxury kitchen designs, utilising the Rempp product range, as our group experience in manufacture and materials helped us identify Rempp as leading product that UK kitchens deserved.