Mr & Mrs Barraclough

Dreaming of a White Kitchen

COMPLETED : Summer 2016

DESIGN BRIEF : Mr & Mrs Barraclough wanted a kitchen that would make their visitors go ‘Wow!’.

OUR SOLUTION : “They DO go Wow! Then they are speechless! Our design was Tracy’s first proposal, and was spot on.”

"’s totally changed how I plan and prepare my meals – it’s the best thing since sliced bread."

Mr & Mrs Barraclough had the usual Kitchen problems to solve – an old kitchen, with the original carcasses & utilities in the main Kitchen. With new bi-folding doors being installed to look out into the garden, the opportunity was presented to change the kitchen to really take advantage of a change in layout, and that new garden view.

After initial consultation to identify their needs, Tracy presented the Barracloughs with a proposal featuring the Perth range in an icy white gloss with Walnut laminate for contrast, and a range of appliances and gadgets they’d never before considered.

“At first, I couldn’t understand why my kitchen design included all the trimmings it did. Warming cabinets, a Quooker boiling hot water tap, three fridges (one for wine!), and a combi-oven (when I’d always preferred separates). I’d never even had an induction hob before.

But now, I don’t know how I lived without it all! The slow cooker program on the combi-oven is used every day. No more 15 minute teas cooked at the last minute, it’s totally changed how I plan and prepare my meals – it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

The Quooker tap – who knew boiling a kettle was such an inconvenience!

The induction hob has been a real learning curve for me, with my husband finding great hilarity in my wondering why the hub wasn’t warm while I held the pan in the air and watched for Red Rings that would never appear. It only took a few nights of takeaways for me to figure it out!

Tracy was amazing, I was kept in the loop at all stages, she handled everything. Paul, the fitter, was a super calm guy, no amount of me watching over his shoulder could shake him, and the result is an absolutely perfect finish.

I love my colour change lighting (which changes the mood of the whole room), I love my soft-close slide-out drawers, and last night while Roast Beef and Yorkshires cooked in the slow cooker I found I couldn’t help but tell my husband ‘I love… my new Kitchen’.”

Siemens Single Pyro Oven
Siemens Microwave
Siemens Shallow Warming Drawer                                 Siemens Deep Warming Drawer
Panoramic Hob                                                       Siemens 60cm Dishwasher                                                  Liebherr Integrated Fridge                                                 Liebherr Integrated Fridge/Freezer (with Ice Maker)
Liebherr Essential wine cooler
Quooker Boiling Hot Water Twin Taps
Soap dispenser
Air Uno Rigolleto built in cooker hood
Franke continuous feed waste disposal 

A modern Gloss white Rempp kitchen design by truKirtchen

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