Mr & Mrs Parker


COMPLETED : June 2017

Anna visited the truKitchen showroom way back in January 2015, when the architect working on her house renovation recommended she figure out her kitchen design ahead of time, making it ready for the builders tendering process.

The size of the truKitchen showroom, and the range of kitchens and materials on show, combined with the skills of the truKitchen team, meant Anna knew she had found the right place for her.

"It was the finishing touches that really impressed..."

‘The kitchens are beautifully dressed (lighting makes a big difference in my opinion) and the range of materials displayed had the ‘wow’ factor over your competitors.’, says Anna, ‘I have never had a new kitchen before and wanted a truly unique finish. I am only ever going to do this once so it needed to have the ‘wow’ factor…..and I like to think that’s what I achieved thanks to the team at TruKitchen.’

Having a completely free and open space to work with, removed a lot of obstacles from the design process, but also meant the expertise of the truKitchen team was invaluable in guiding Anna through the finer details of her layout, correctly locating her triangle of appliances for practicality, and considering the view of her kitchen when entering the space (nobody wants a sink of washing up to be the first thing they see!).

‘It makes a world of difference to a project like this working with people who know their industry inside out and who are willing to give frank opinions. They have seen many a kitchen go in so it makes sense to listen to them. It also gives a huge degree of peace of mind and reassurance when you’re trying to co-ordinate so many other aspects of a renovation project knowing that your kitchen is in safe hands. I worked with a lot of different trades and sales people over the course of 24 months but Tracy, Ivita and Nikki  stand out from the crowd and take great pride in getting it right for their customers. Hats off to you, ladies!’

Anna continues, ‘The only issue for me was deciding which of the fabulous materials to go for. In the space of 2 years, I changed materials 3 times, I’d have put a restraining order out on me! Tracy though was always happy to help. I was torn between a grey colour scheme and the colours I finally opted for. I went for the kitchen I now have, because I thought the colour scheme and the materials I finally chose were unusual. I haven’t seen anything quite like my kitchen in anyone else’s house… yet’

truKitchen installation engineer Paul fitted the Parker family kitchen, and as with all large scale projects, issues came up long the way, but Anna didn’t need to worry, ‘Tru came back with solutions so all was quickly remedied. They installed within the time-frame stipulated and Paul was very courteous and professional.’

Anna thinks her kitchen is the best she’s ever seen, but the real proof was the reaction of her friends, who were all blown away by it! The entire house renovation gets rave reviews, but the kitchen is stand-out factor, they’re amazed by the transformation, and particularly love the wine-cooler (we think they might have been hinting for a top-up there Anna!).

A great kitchen design impacts the entire house, and family. ‘Throughout this entire project, my husband has always ribbed me about my need for the house (the kitchen, especially) to ‘flow’. It’s been the buzz word for the past 24 months. But now we’re all living in this open space where everything has it’s well thought-out place, he finally gets my drift. Being a family of 6, we used to bang in to each other and have a rota for occupying the space in my previous kitchen. Now we can all rub along nicely together… and get out the door on time!’

‘It’s now more than just a kitchen that houses the food; it’s the heart of my home which is what I always wanted. It’s the meeting point for all the family where we start and finish our day. I’ve had a fair few kitchen disco’s too but out of respect for the neighbours, I might have to restrict those to special occasions.’

The best part of the new kitchen for Anna – the Dekton worktops, that can withstand tremendous heat without marking. She never needs to worry about destroying her lovely new kitchen. Kids with baking trays, friends with cuppas, a lax moment with a boiling pan, straight down on the worktop without a second thought. As for the always popular Quooker tap, ‘The phrase ‘put the kettle on’ is now obsolete in my house. It’s great for instant tea making but also for getting rid of the grime and grease after doing your heavy-duty cooking.’

‘I was dreading having all new appliances because I am not a ‘manual/instruction reader’ nor am I technical. All the Seimens appliances are blissfully easy to operate so I was up and running in my new kitchen in no time at all. Attending the truKitchen demos where an expert cooks up a tasty feast in the showroom also helped cement the basics… along with a good few prosecco’s! I confidently rustled up a Lamb Kleftiko the other day, which sure tasted good. I enjoy cooking so much more because I now have a far more logical and practical kitchen with plenty of worktop space. It’s a joy to entertain  and with the open plan aspect and a whopping great island to boot, I never miss out on the party!

A few subtle finishing touches have brought the kitchen truly into the home. ‘I didn’t want to overcrowd the kitchen or detract from its own statement of beauty but wanted to inject a couple of bursts of nature and colour. I have a large vase of lilies and leaves at one end of the island and alongside it, a well-stocked fruit bowl. I opted for wooden and metal bar stools so as to introduce a touch of warmth with natural materials but reverted to Dekton for the kitchen table so as to marry with the overall theme of my kitchen materials. Lighting was key too. The finishing touches can make or break a room, in my opinion,  so I took my time and played around with different ideas until I felt I had the right balance.’

The Parker family now have a beautiful, hard-wearing and practical kitchen that will last them for many years. Stunningly modern, that is comfortable in the space as if it was always meant to be there.


Clients: Anna Parker

Kitchen: Rempp PERTH and UNA CERA CAFÉ furniture
with DEKTON worktops and AGE7 handles.

Siemens combi Steam oven
Siemenscombi microwave oven
Siemens tall fridge
Siemens induction hob
Siemens tall dishwasher
Air Uno Rigoletto cooker hood
Liebherr tall freezer with ice maker
Liebherr pull-out fridge
Franke Centinox sink & prep sink
Quooker Fusion square pro 3 in chrome

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