Mr & Mrs Holford

Sizzling space

COMPLETED : Summer 2016

DESIGN BRIEF : Working with Tracy Mackey, Retail Director at truKitchen and her design team, the Holfords were encouraged to evolve their existing kitchen plans, which developed into a design for a refined and multi-functional area, which they could enjoy and socialise in at anytime.

OUR SOLUTION: A Perth Gloss White kitchen with Grey and Walnut accents, plus a Teppanyaki griddle created an interesting living and kitchen space for the Holfords.

Luxury German kitchen
Luxury German Kitchen

Luxury German kitchen

"The Holfords were looking for a modern and sleek kitchen for their expansive space."

Tracy Mackey, Retail Director – truKitchen

The considerable white space in the Holford’s home demanded a modern and contemporary feel, so a beautiful Rempp Perth Gloss White kitchen with mixed Grey and Walnut elements was chosen to create a sharp and stylish look. As the design needed to work specifically with the existing doors and window locations in mind, plans were developed to fully utilise a stunning breakfast bar feature with a 50mm Walnut Tobacco laminate to work well and enhance the available space.

Tracey Mackie, Retail Director at truKitchen said: ‘The Holfords were looking for a modern and sleek kitchen for their expansive room. We worked closely with them to develop their ideas and together we created a beautiful multi-functional space, which truly enhances the Holfords’ original kitchen area.’

Every kitchen should have a special little something that makes it truly personal – and for the Holford family it was the inclusion of a Siemens’ Teppanyaki griddle accessory which works with their Siemens’ Flexinduction hob. Useful for so much more than just Japanese cuisine, it’s proven a highly popular and impressive gadget in their new kitchen.

A Quooker Fusion tap was also chosen for the kitchen working area. It is both aesthetically and acoustically superior to a kettle. This clever appliance provides hot and boiling water instantly and quietly. It therefore means there is one less item to take up valuable worktop space or spoil the clean lines of the workspace design. Since the build, the Holfords have continued to design the spaces around their new kitchen in a sympathetic way. As truKitchen will stay with customers beyond their installation.

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